Tuesday, August 28, 2012

trust in me

Trust in me
is what you say
I will be with you
every single day

I am not a friend
who only comes around
when things are going well
but I'm with you when you are down

I know your hopes
your dreams, your  fears
I promise you, believe me
when I say I am near

I know what you will face
as you live today
remember my words
I will not go away

I will hold your hand
you can hide in the shadow
of my wings, I am with you
I'll help you grow

You can cling to me
when times are tough
I assure you
I am more than enough

Give your life to me
as you start your day
just trust in me
listen and obey

I will carry your load
it is not hard to do
bask in my protection
as I watch over you

I will be with you
I have never left you
You are my child
the apple of my eye

Live today remembering that
find joy in me
and remember this
we will be together for eternity.

I love you Lord

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