Saturday, November 24, 2012

I said

Psalm 16:2 I said to the Lord you are my Lord, apart from you I have no good thing.

This is a powerful statement to be able to say and to mean truly from the depths of one's heart and to truly mean it and live it.

I said to the Lord

I made a declaration to God, Creator, Sustainer, Eternal, Everlasting God

You are my Lord

You are the one I'm putting my hope in, my faith in, my trust in, my life in

Apart from you I have no good thing

Without you I am nothing, I have nothing without you, you give me everything, you provide all my needs

To truly acknowledge and declare this

To live it

This is to be one of my life statements on how I want to live

To proudly declare God is my Lord

The one I put my whole trust in

The one I surrender my life to

And to truly acknowledge without him I have nothing

I want to be able to say this with confidence, boldly and to truly mean it with all my heart.

Help me to do so Lord.


  1. A good Thanksgiving weekend post!

  2. Without you, I have no good thing -- this reminds me that all the good I have comes from Him. Bad things have happened, but I have my dogs and my cozy little house and I'm surrounded by books. God has blessed me.


  3. Amen.

    Betty, thank you for your kind comments, which mean a lot to me.
    I am leaning on His everlasting arms. Blessings to you and your family.

  4. Amen,
    Practically every entry on my blog is a testamony of Gods love and what he can bring a person thru.
    God Bless

  5. I noted you 'joined' my blog....whatever possessed you?? Not sure you'll like it.

  6. Thoughtful blog in today's world