Monday, March 17, 2014

meaningless or meaningful

Ecclesiastes 12:13  Now all has been heard, here is the conclusion of the matter.  Fear God and keep his commandments for this is the whole duty of man.

Solomon - known as the wisest man on earth - given wisdom by God in addition to riches and peace in the land during his reign.

Yet despite that - looked back at the end of his life and saw so much of it was meaningless, lacking any apparent purpose.

He had it "all" but it still wasn't enough.

Relationships (300 wives/700 concubines)
Wisdom, knowledge
Peace in his country

But he was not content - still was not fulfilled, still questioning his purpose, the meaning of life.

Saw it all - good people suffering, wicked people prospering

Saw death come - the finality of it; we are born naked, we die without taking with us what we toiled for so hard - leaving it behind to someone who might not appreciate it.

He sums it up - to eat, to drink, to be satisfied with one's work, to be glad in their days, then joy will accompany him in the days God has given him.

To simply be content with what God has given him and to be grateful for it.

And his final conclusion that I believe one must sear into their mind, heart and soul.

Fear God (honor him, revere him, respect him, glorify him)

Keep his commandments (his laws, precepts, word)

For this is the whole duty (purpose) of man (me).

Without doing so - one's life is meaningless (lacking any apparent purpose, empty, worthless, futile).

No matter what we achieve in fame, fortune, possession or the good we may even do to others

because all of that will be forgotten after we die, subsequent generations will not know us or remember us, but where we stand with God, what we think of him, whether we accept Jesus as our Savior, that is eternal worth, that is meaningful, that is is purpose and that is how we should live (loving God and making him known) in our days under the sun, of which there really are so few, no matter how many years we live.

May I live a meaningful life, Lord, for your glory.


  1. it is so hard to accept that what we got isn't what we need. what we need we don't fully embrace.

  2. To God the glory, working through us.