Saturday, July 21, 2012

He is more than enough

I'm reading God is More than Enough by Tony Evans to review. He takes Psalm 23 and breaks it out how God is more than enough and how God will meet all one's needs, spiritual, directional, emotional, physical and eternal needs. This is not the review of it, because I'm not done reading it, but absolutely love how he lays it all out. 

He says we need to really truly grasp and commit to the first line of the psalm.  The Lord is my shepherd, defining who the Lord is, God, creator, sustainer and so much more, that he is my shepherd, that I am a sheep, that I'm dumb, defenseless and dirty and I need someone to look out after me. That I need to be still, to listen to him. That he will put me in situations so that I learn to be totally dependent on him and not self sufficient. That I need to be still, that he will restore me, give me rest.

This book is so rich. It has helped me with some things I've struggled with over these past 18 months, but I'm ready to say "Here I am Lord....." Lead me where you want me to go; I relinquish it all to you; I definitely need you my Good Shepherd guiding me".

And I think that is why that song, Awake My Soul, has been such a part of me the past few days. Awake my soul Lord. Glorify your name in me. I trust you know what is best. You already showed me how much you love me when you died for me. Help me to rely on you completely in everything thing I do..for you truly are worthy of it all.

Thank you Lord that you have awakened my soul.......You truly are awesome and I will trust in you......

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