Tuesday, July 24, 2012

remember me with favor

Nehemiah 5:19 Remember me with favor O my God for all I have done for these people.

I just love how Nehemiah prays - he prays continually and unceasing

and he prays for everything; he prays his heart

for protection, provision

for God to remember him as he is helping others

realizing his reward will come from God, not caring about the praises from me

he prays to strengthen his hands (chapter 6, verse 9) when others were coming in opposition against him, saying he/crew would be too weak to finish wall repairs

he prays about those who oppressed/intimated him (chapter 6, verse 14), telling God to remember them for what they did against him; he was not afraid to bring anything and everything to God

boldly and with confidence that God heard his prayer

I need to pray the same way

unceasing, continually

my heart to God

help me to do so Lord

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  1. Cool story, I don't think I've heard about Nehemiah before. He must be in the new testament, i'm not there yet. Nice blog! : )