Thursday, September 6, 2012


On a rainy day I stop and look
at the drops touching the ground
the land eager for a drink
parched, but being filled up

I am parched, I am thirsty
hungry for your word, your touch
I'm tired, weary, lost, alone
reveal yourself to me anew today

Fill me up, consume me with your love
give me my heart's desire
more of you and less of me
use me for your glory

Quench my thirst Lord
you are the only one that can do so.

Psalm 68:9 You give abundant showers O God, you refreshed your weary inheritance.

How awesome Lord that I wrote those words of being parched and then to read this!

It is so refreshing to know we are on the same page.

You do give abundant showers
You do refresh the weary
You have and you will refresh me

Thank you Lord.

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