Friday, September 21, 2012

To God

Job 12:13 To God belong wisdom and power, counsel and understanding are his.

God is incredibly wise - he is wisdom; he created wisdom.

His wisdom is true and trustworthy because it has always been here because he has always been here.

God is incredibly powerful - there is nothing he cannot do.

He can move mountains
He can part seas.
He can rain manna from heaven.
He raised Jesus from the dead.
He can change a person's heart.

God counsels with his wisdom and understanding through his Holy Spirit.

He guides and leads those who ask him to do so.

He directs our days, our paths.

He provided his word that we may seek his ways.

Everything belongs to God.

All of creation is his since he is the creator.

Nothing I have is from my own doing.

It is all from him, directed by him.

To God be the glory and the honor for the great things he has done

and for his knowledge, power and wisdom.

He is to be trusted and to be feared, held in the highest esteem.

May I do so Lord all the days of my life.

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