Sunday, October 7, 2012

on church going

Ecclesiastes 7:16  There is not a righteous man on earth who does what is right and never sins.

I was thinking about people and churches this morning, especially why people sometimes give excuses for not going to church, i.e., because there is something they don't like about others that attend churches.  That the people at church might be hypocritical, judgmental, cliquish, etc.  Yet, let's stop and examine this.

What is the church made of?

Flawed people

Solomon says it so right in this passage.  There is no one that never sins - not even a righteous person - the only perfect person is Jesus who never sinned when he walked this earth.

So churches are made up of sinners.  Flawed people.  People though who realize there is something more to just this temporary life.  Something eternal . Who gather together to learn about Jesus, worship him together.

Do we still sin?  Are we flawed?

You bet we are.

But yet we continue to press on, aware of our inadequacies, aware of our need for Jesus, aware of our need for fellowship with fellow believers.

One needs that fellowship of a church to help get through life.  Jesus knew that.  Think about it.  There wasn't just one apostle he chose to teach, but 12.  He knew they would need each other, both to get the message out about Jesus but also to get through life supporting each other.

Don't give up on going to church because of people there.  Get in there, meet others, serve others, learn about Jesus together, worship him together.

Your life will be so much more rewarding.

I guarantee that.

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